About Us

We're a woman-owned, small business, run by three sisters in New York. We're on a mission to spread pawsitive vibes! 

We understand that the bond between a human and fur baby is a special one. It’s a connection that gives us strength, nurtures our spirit and makes us more caring, responsible humans.

We created this shop to express that pawsitivity; by offering a curated collection of fun, special gifts for pets and pet lovers. And, you can feel good about your purchase, as a portion of our sales supports animal rescue shelters in the United States.

More about us and our fur baby inspirations:

Maria is the oldest sister and her fur baby is Maizee. She's a Westie and we like to call her "the Mayor".  Maizee loves people, cheese and chasing rabbits. In that order, we think. 

Margherite is the middle sister and her fur baby is Feedo. He's a cat, but he acts like a dog, so we named him the Italian version of Fido. He's a champion pouncer and dog swatter. 


Angela is the youngest and her two babies are Mush & Marvy. Mush is a Pit Bull mix and had a pretty rough start in life, but with lots of love (and Nonna's meatballs) he's come out of his shell. It's been a beautiful journey to watch. His brother Marvy is a sweet American Bull Dog with lots of energy. Together, they are lovable goofballs!  


We’re also avid supporters of the Made in USA movement and we've connected with other Boss Ladies to offer many products that are made or printed in the USA. 

So, that's us!  We'd love to hear about you and your babies - connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Pintrest @ PawsitiveVibes to share!

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Summer chic wear

We ended up buying these for all the pet babies we know! How can you not? Great quality products each time and then personalized on top of it!
Add the great customer service, the great work you do and we would be fools to pass on anything you offer!

Love the color

Love the details and color! Our pet baby looks so adorable!

Cute and pretty

Like every thing else I've gotten from them, there were adorable and just perfect. Snatched up a bunch for friends as well!

Hello so chase receive his pawsome donut bandana which looks amazing omg sooo adorable and i must say its soo perfect on him i love it i referred you guys too a few of my pup parents its.a perfect fit and it fits his style thanks alot guys will be purchasing with you soon


It's so adorable on my pup chase a little too big but it brings his charcoal coat out thanks so much

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