Pets Can Help Breast Cancer Patients Cope

These days, technology runs our refrigerators and washing machines, products can be delivered to our doorsteps in hours, and women are still dying of breast cancer at staggering rates.

The statistics are scary. According to National Breast Cancer Foundation:

But, there is some good news. Breast cancer rates are on the decline due to awareness, early detection and improved treatments. In addition to treatment, Emotional Support, Therapy and Service Animals can help ease cancer patients’ anxiety and help with a variety of tasks around the home.

Let’s break down the role of each:

  • Emotional Support Animals (aka Comfort Animal): Simply put, an ESA provides comfort to people who need it. Emotional Support Animals can be a dog, cat, or any other species a qualified therapist deems appropriate. These pets don’t need special training.
  • Therapy Pets: Therapy Pets interact with people and patients in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. to help calm and relieve anxiety. Dogs and cats, as well as other animals, serve as therapy pets. Dogs and cats go through a certification process by a qualified organization to perform therapy pet duties.
  • Service Animals: A Service Animal is a dog that can help people with physical or emotional disabilities perform specific tasks. Service Dogs are  recognized by the Americans with Disability Act and can help retrieve important items, be eyes and ears, and perform a variety of necessary tasks.

    All of these animals help cancer patients cope by relieving anxiety and stress, calming fears, lowering blood pressure and heart rate and releasing endorphins (aka happy hormones). They also provide needed distraction and encourage play and exercise.

    Here are some helpful things you can do this October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

      1. Download and share the free Know the Symptoms Guide
      2. Share your story with others
      3. Make a donation to the national Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to fund treatments, educations and cures
      4. Share educational information on social media.

    What are we doing? In honor of Breast Cancer we’re PINK-ing it up to spread awareness! We’ve called out some of our pink products to help you post, share, pin and do your thing on social media.

    It’s time to stop breast cancer once and for all.   

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    Nov 16, 2018

    Great article! I have a friend that went thru cancer and her golden retriever was a huge comfort to her. After chemo treatments, Sparky would go and lay down with her and not leave her side. Dogs are AMAZING!! 🐶

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