On the hunt for the cutest, funniest or quirkiest costume for your furbaby? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a costume for Halloween, a birthday party or just because, we’ve put together this list of trending costumes that are sure to send your Insta followers into fits of ooohhs and aaahhs! Trust us, there’s nothing cuter than a pet in costume. Nothing.

Top 10 Trending Cat and Dog Costumes for 2023


  1. The Bark-tastic Space Explorer: Move over, humans; dogs are heading to space! The cosmic canine look is all the rage this year, complete with space helmets, shiny space suits, and little rocket jet packs.
  2. Avocado Toast Dog: If there's one thing that’s still going strong in 2023, it's our love for avocados. Get your dog a costume that looks like a slice of avocado toast. It’s cute, relevant, and yummy.
  3. The Robo-Dog Revolution: Tech-savvy pets can now dress up as futuristic robots. Think shiny metallic suits, LED lights, and robotic sound effects. If The Jetsons had a pet costume line, this would  be their star look.
  4. The Doggy Drone: Convert your dog's costume into a mock drone with some lightweight rotors and LED lights. It’s the future, and your dog's leading the way!
  5. The Fitness Instructor Dog: Leg warmers, headbands, and plush dumbbell in tow - get your pup dressed as a fitness guru, reminding everyone of the importance of those daily walks!


  1. The Purr-maid (Mer-Cats!):  With shimmering tails, sparkly crowns, and seashell accessories, the Purr-maid costume is the stuff of underwater feline fantasies. It's both glamorous and playful - perfect for the diva cat in your life.
  2. The Zoom Meeting Cat: Given the significant role Zoom meetings play in our lives, why not have your kitty channel their inner professional with a mini tie, headset, and laptop? Just imagine the laughs when you tell friends your cat's "on a conference call."
  3. The Catacorn (Cat Unicorns): The unicorn trend is still going strong. Cats can join in with a magical horn, pastel-colored mane, and a fluffy tail to match, creating a dreamy look.
  4. Retro 90s Kitty: Nothing beats the nostalgia of the 90s! Dress your cat in a tiny flannel shirt and grunge band tee. Bonus if you add a Tamagotchi to their collar!
  5. TikTok Trendsetter Kitty: Outfit your cat with mini props from popular TikTok challenges or give them a tiny "creator's crown." Make sure to capture their moves for your next viral video!

Noteworthy Instagram Costumes for Dogs 🐶


funny costumes for dogs

Noteworthy Instagram Costumes for Cats 😻


cat halloween costumes

Safety Tips for Selecting a Cat or Dog Costume

Dressing up your pets can be a fun experience. Before winning any costume contests, it’s important to consider these important tips to guarantee your pet's comfort, safety, and happiness.

  1. Comfort: Always confirm the costume is comfortable. It shouldn't be too tight or restrictive. If your pet is uncomfortable, they'll let you know by trying to wriggle out of it!

  2. Safety: Avoid small, easily detachable parts that can be a choking hazard. Also, consider the material; it should be non-toxic and safe for your cat or dog.

  3. Temperature: While that thick woolly mammoth costume might be adorable, it might not be ideal for a warmer climate. Always consider the weather and temperature when choosing a costume.

  4. Fit: Our pets come in all shapes and sizes. When buying or making a costume, ensure it's a good fit for your pet. Measure twice, buy (or sew) once!

  5. Test Run: Before the big day, do a test run with the costume. This will help your cat or dog get used to it and give you a chance to make any necessary adjustments.

  6. Personality Match: Lastly, think about whether the costume matches your pet's personality. A laid-back kitty might not enjoy an elaborate costume as much as a simple, chic hat!

ALWAYS supervise your pet when they're wearing a costume. If they are visibly uncomfortable or distressed, take it off. 

By keeping these considerations in mind, you'll ensure that the dress-up experience is fun and safe for both of you!  Happy dress up!


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